In addition to Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, VMware provides other vCloud Air offerings.

VMware provides the following subscription-based services that require resource commitments via the standard IT procurement process:

vCloud AirDedicated Cloud

vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud

vCloud AirDisaster Recovery

Dedicated Cloud: provides a single tenant private cloud with dedicated computing servers, layer-2 network isolation for workload traffic, persistent storage volumes, and a dedicated cloud management instance. Infrastructure capacity can be allocated to a single virtual data center or multiple virtual data centers.

Virtual Private Cloud: provides a multi-tenant virtual private cloud with logically isolated resources on a shared physical infrastructure, configured as a single virtual data center with networking resources. A customer cannot have multiple virtual data centers with a Virtual Private Cloud service because the Virtual Private Cloud service is provided as a single virtual data center.

For information about Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud, see the vCloud Air User's Guide.

vCloud AirDisaster Recovery is a recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) offering intended to protect virtual workloads managed by VMware vSphere that are either deployed in a private cloud or data center.

Subscribing to Disaster Recovery is a separate enrollment process whether you already are a vCloud Air customer. If you are not a Disaster Recovery customer, you will not see the Disaster Recovery functionality in your vCloud Air Web UI.

To implement and consume vCloud AirDisaster Recovery, you require vSphere Replication. vSphere Replication copies a virtual machine to another location, within or between clusters, and makes that copy available for recovery through the VMware vSphere Web Client or through the orchestration of a full disaster recovery product such as VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

With Disaster Recovery, you can use vCloud Air to monitor and manage the virtual machines you are replicating to the cloud. In the event of a disruption at the source site, you use the vCloud Air Web UI to recover your on-premises virtual machines from placeholder virtual machines replicated to the public cloud.

For information about Disaster Recovery, see the vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery User's Guide.

The services have the following billing and registration differences:

For Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery, you are billed monthly for a fixed amount of resource capacity regardless of your usage.

See How to Buy Cloud Computing for information about registering for these services.

For Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you register online and provide credit card information.

See Create Your Account in vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud OnDemand Getting Started.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand does not require a time commitment or upfront payment.

With Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you are billed for per-minute metered usage of compute capacity. Some months, you might not incur any charges. Usage costs are provided in pricing tiers.

See About Resource Billing and VMware vCloud Air Pricing.

The vCloud Air offerings have the following functional differences:

Like the subscription-based Virtual Private Cloud service,Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is delivered within a logically isolated virtual private cloud environment on the vCloud Air multi-tenant infrastructure. However, unlike the subscription-based Virtual Private Cloud, customers can create virtual data centers to sub-allocate computing resources in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

In Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, virtual data centers are created based on a standard resource template. Customers can contact VMware Support to increase template resource limits as needed. In the Dedicated Cloud service, customers can create virtual data centers with customized allocations for compute and storage. Additionally, in the Dedicated Cloud service, customers can lock their virtual data centers to prevent users from changing virtual machine states and customers can set virtual machine quotas for virtual data centers.

In Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, customers can create virtual machines in any location where Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is supported. In the subscription-based offerings, customers purchase compute services based on location.

See Geographical Locations and vCloud Air Data Center Locations for information.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand does not support activity logs, locking virtual data centers, the Data Protection Service, and Direct Connect at this time.