Logging in to a virtual machine by using the virtual machine remote console (VMRC) allows you to view information about a virtual machine and perform activities such as configuring operating system settings or running applications.

Even when you do not have Internet connectivity to the virtual machine, you can access the virtual machine through the VMRC Console.

Virtual Machine Console Support for Mac Operating Systems:

Console support is based on WebMKS technology and HTML5.

On a Mac OS, the Console is supported for Firefox and Chrome Web browsers.

If you are a member of the End User role, you are the virtual machine owner or you are a virtual infrastructure administrator.

You are using a 32-bit browser that meets the vCloud Director browser requirements to display the VMRC Console. See Browsers That vCloud Director Supports for information.

You have set a guest OS password (displayed in the virtual machines Settings tab) for the virtual machine. See Reset Your Virtual Machine's Password in the vCloud Director User's Guide for information.


For the guest OS password to appear in the virtual machine Settings tab in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you must power on the virtual machine and force recustomization in vCloud Director. See Power on and Force Recustomization of a Virtual Machine in the vCloud Director User's Guide for information.

If you reset the guest OS password by using the guest operating system (rather than vCloud Director), the guest OS password and the password displayed on the virtual machine Settings tab can become out of sync. VMware recommends you set the guest OS password by using vCloud Director.

Firewall rules restricting network traffic allow outbound traffic on port 443 for VMRC connections.


Select the virtual machine for which you want to access the VMRC console.


If necessary, power on the virtual machine. See Virtual Machine Power Operations for information.


From the Actions menu, select Open in Console.

If this is the first time you are accessing the Console, you are prompted to download and install the VMware Remote Console Plug-In. Click OK in the dialog that appears and follow the instructions to install the plug-in.


When prompted, log into the virtual machine with the Guest OS password. (On Unix systems, log in as root.)

If you close or refresh a virtual machine console while you have one or more client devices connected, those devices are disconnected.