Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand includes a catalog that is populated with CentOS, Linux, and Windows templates that you can use to create virtual machines. Your organization also has its own catalog, My Catalog, that can contains your own customized templates and media.

A VMware template (also called a golden image) is a model copy of a virtual machine from which you can clone or deploy more virtual machines. Templates save time and avoid errors when configuring settings and other choices to create new Windows or Unix-based server virtual machines. They can also be used as long-term in-place backups of virtual machines, and to ensure consistent virtual machines are created and deployed across a company. A VMware template cannot be operated without reverting it to a virtual machine.

A template contains the following content:

A specified OS and a configuration that provides virtual counterparts to hardware components

Optionally, an installed guest OS and a set of applications

A virtual machine's virtual disks and settings from its .vmx configuration file, managed with permissions

In Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, end users select from catalogs to add new virtual machines. See Create a Virtual Machine from a Template.

In vCloud Director, administrators manage your private catalogs. See Manage Catalogs in vCloud Director for information.