The power options for virtual machines work with VMware Tools to control the behavior of the various power options that can be performed on a virtual machine.

The following power states are available from the virtual machines list for your virtual machines.

Description of Power Options for Virtual Machines

Power State


Power On

Equal to powering on a physical machine.

Power Off

Equal to powering off a physical machine

Suspend | Resume

Suspending a virtual machine freezes the virtual machine CPU and preserves its current state. Suspend and resume operations are useful when you want to save the current state of a virtual machine, and continue work later from the same state. When you resume the virtual machine, all documents you were working on open and all applications are in the same state as they were at the time you suspended the virtual machine.

The speed of the suspend and resume operations depends on how much data has changed while the virtual machine ran. In general, the first suspend operation takes a bit longer than later suspend operations. Suspending and resuming rely on being able to save a known state that will not change.


Power cycles the virtual machine. Resetting a virtual machine clears the state of memory, cache, and so on, but the virtual machine continues to run.

To power on or power off a group of virtual machines, from the virtual machines list, select the check boxes for the virtual machines you want to change and click the Power On or Power Off button.

To change the power state for a virtual machine, select the virtual machine and right-click to display the available power options.