You can add or remove users from a user group that you have created.

Verify that you are a member of the Account Administrator role.


From the Tools menu, select Users.

The Users page appears.


Click the User Groups tab.

The User Groups page appears.


Click the check box of the User Group you want to edit the membership and then click Edit Membership.


Or you can right-click on the user group row and click Edit Membership from the dropdown menu.

The Edit Membership dialog appears. The dialog displays all the users and you can select which users to add to the group.


To view the users who currently belong to the user group, click the Only Show Members check box.

The list will show users who belong to the user group.


You can enter a user's name or email in the Search field.

The list will show users with matching names and/or email.


You can select all the users by clicking the First Name check box.


After you have selected the users, click Save.

The selected the users are added to the user group.