Monitoring provides resource and performance visibility so that you can make sure your virtual machines support your applications. When there are issues with application performance, you have extra visibility to increase or decrease virtual machine resources to optimize performance.

You need to know whether a virtual machine is suffering from resource crunch (high utilization), storage resource crunch, or other potential issues. Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand retains virtual machine CPU and memory usage and disk capacity and performance data for the previous 14 days.

Displaying virtual machine details and statistics meets several goals:

Reports usage trends

Analyses trends for discrete time periods

Monitors performance

Provides troubleshooting

To view monitoring information for a virtual machine, click the virtual machine name in the list on the Virtual Machines tab; then, select the Monitoring tab.

Click the refresh icon to make sure that the most recent data is displayed. View the past 24 hours, 7 days, or 14 days' usage. The left-hand Y axis for percentage data is fixed between 0-100%, while the right-hand Y axis for raw usage scales with the historical usage data of the individual virtual machine .

Monitoring Graphs



CPU Usage

View by percentage or by raw data as MHz units by clicking the controls. The displays toggle on and off.

Memory Usage

View by percentage or by raw data as GB units.

Additionally, you can obtain virtual machine monitoring data programmatically by using the vCloud API. See About Virtual Machine Metrics in the vCloud API Programming Guide for vCloud Air Tenants Guide.