The pay-as-you-go model enables paying only for capacity in use. Customers pay nothing up front and incur charges only when they deploy virtual machines into their environments. If a customer does not use any resources, no cost is incurred.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand meters your per-minute resource usage per environment to calculate your monthly bill. See Data Collection Explained for information.

Your bill displays the monthly cost of all the virtual machines deployed in your environment. When your monthly billing statement is generated and available, the Resource Usage tabs (virtual data centers and virtual machines) reset all metered resource usage and estimated costs to zero because the tabs provide data for current, unbilled usage.

Usage costs are provided in pricing tiers. For information about pricing for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, see VMware vCloud Air Pricing.

To view your billing statements, you must be a member of the Account Administrator role. See Role-based User Account Management for information.

You manage billing aspects of your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account in My VMware.


Select Tools > Billing and Payments. My VMware opens in another browser tab.


If necessary, log into My VMware with your account user name and password.


Navigate to your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account (Accounts > Services > All Services > service name link). See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.


From the Manage Service drop-down menu, select the option for your billing statement.

To locate your service start date, navigate to your account information in My VMware (Accounts > Services > All Services > service name link).

Your first billing statement is available 30 days from the Start Date displayed in your My VMware account. For example, if your start date is November 11, 2014, your first billing date is December 10, 2014. Your billing cycle repeats every 30 days.