In vCloud Air (formerly known as vCloud Hybrid Service), selecting a Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand service for the first time provisions your first virtual data center (with 2.6vGHz vCPUs), a gateway, and routed network automatically.

Users assigned to the administrative roles have access to the following areas of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand needed for setting up your public cloud environment:

Virtual data center management

Gateways and networks

Catalog management by using vCloud Director

Virtual Infrastructure Administrators can get started managing the environment by modifying the default virtual data center (VDC1) or adding virtual data centers to segment their environment. See Virtual Data Center Overview for information.

Expand the Virtual Data Centers pane to view and manage the virtual data centers in your environment:

Virtual Data Centers in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Networking in the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand replicates traditional network technologies and design. Users who are members of the Network Administrators role manage gateways and networks in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand to configure network architectures that compliment or replicate the network configuration of their on-premises environments.

For information about gateway and network management, see vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Networking Guide.

Select the Gateways tab to view the gateways available in your environment:

Gateways Tab in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Clicking any gateway provides quick access to configuring the following gateway properties in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand:

NAT Rules

Firewall Rules


Public IP Addresses

See the vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Networking Guide for information.

Clicking Manage in vCloud Director for a gateway ( Home > Gateways) opens vCloud Director so that you can set advanced properties for the selected gateway:

Advanced Gateway Properties in vCloud Director

Clicking the Networks tab, displays the networks in the selected virtual data center:

Networks Tab in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand includes access to the VMware Public Catalog—an operating system and application catalog of commonly-used, pre-configured workloads for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. You can deploy workloads from the public catalog into your environment on a pay-as-you-go basis.

To gain quick access to the catalog to view and deploy virtual machines utilizing the available templates, click New Virtual Machine. Step one of the wizard provides the list of VMware catalogs and your catalogs uploaded by your administrator for your organization.

Viewing and Managing VMware Catalogs

Users assigned to the Virtual Infrastructure Administrator role can manage the catalogs available for a virtual data center by using vCloud Director.

For information about catalog and template management, see Catalogs and Templates Overview.