You can set alerts for your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account that indicate current usage levels. In My VMware, you can set two spending thresholds for your account that will trigger VMware to email you when your charges reach those amounts.

Configuring spending thresholds does not suspend your account when your charges reach the dollar amounts.

To set billing alerts, perform the following steps:


Log in to your My VMware account.


Click the Manage Services link.


Click the name of your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand service.


Click the Manage Service drop-down menu.


From the drop-down list, select the option to edit your usage spend notification.

The page refreshes and includes the field Usage Spend Notification, which has one of two values:

No value entered

Amounts previously entered


Click the value to add or edit up to two amounts.

See Viewing VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Service details in My VMware (2078719) for more information.