Setting virtual data center permissions is useful when you want to restrict access to a virtual data center. Every user does not need to have access to each virtual data center that is created. For example, if a virtual data center has only production virtual machines, you want only a specific set of users (custom permission) to have access to this virtual data center. Or if you create a virtual data center and add a few virtual machines for a Proof of Concept (PoC), in which case, you do not want any other user except yourself (only me permission) to access that virtual data center.

After creating a virtual data center, Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Account Administrators can enable or disable a specific set of users from accessing the environment via the UI or programmatically via the API.

In the UI, right-click on the virtual data center name and select Edit to choose one of the following permissions:

All users

All users can fully access the environment. This is the default permission setting.

Only me

Only the account administrator can access the environment.


A specific set of users can access the environment. Selecting this option opens a new window from where a specific group of users can be selected to access the environment.


If a user is added to a virtual data center, then another user will not get access to it unless an Account Administrator adds the second user to that virtual data center.

Selecting Virtual Data Center Permissions

Setting Custom Permission