By using a combination of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and My VMware, you can view usage service credits and configure usage spend notification for your account.

To view service credits and configure usage spend notices, you must be a member of an administrative role in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See Role-based User Account Management for information.

As a Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand customer, VMware can apply service credits against your future Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand payments for reasons described in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See the SLA by selecting Tools > About > Terms of Service & Legal Disclaimers. Access the SLA from the VMware Legal page.

To view your service credit balance, select Tools > Service Credits. The Service Credits page appears. Service credits are applied to a service registered for your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account. If you have more than one service, the Service Credits page displays information per service. Selecting a different region does not change the information displayed in the Service Credits page.

See Service Initialization and Home Page for information about services.

You can view applied service credits on your billing statement by viewing your statement in My VMware. See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information about accessing billing statements.

VMware provides service credits for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand as time-bound dollar values. VMware applies awarded service credits automatically toward the aggregated total of your current month-to-date bill. If you do not use all service credits during the credit window, unused credits are forfeit.