Today, hybrid cloud computing has grown to encompass stretching resources from a private cloud to multi-public clouds to run workloads in different public clouds to take advantage of geography, time zone, or for legal reasons.

The availability of different geographical locations enables running your workloads closer to your business-specific customers or allowing you to comply with various regulations and other legal requirements. Multiple locations can also enable redundancy of your data or workloads.

When you become a customer of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you have the ability to deploy virtual machines to different geographical locations. (See Data Center Locations for the locations where VMware supports Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.)

When you log into Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand the first time, you are prompted to specify the location where you want to deploy your first virtual machine. As you grow your public cloud environment, you can select the location where you want to add each new virtual machine or create new virtual data centers.

Selecting a location from the drop-down menu refreshes the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand page and returns you to the Virtual Machines tab, where you can view your virtual machines deployed for that location.

Location Drop-Down Menu and the Virtual Machines in that Location

Each location contains a separate resource pool; meaning you cannot treat two geographic locations as one logical pool of resources.