By using a combination of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and My VMware, you can view usage data for your resources in a variety of ways.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand: View resource usage data for all virtual machines in a virtual data center and for specific virtual machines. The Resource Usage tab displays current, unbilled usage. Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand aggregates data to display hourly totals for vCPU, vRAM, public IP addresses, and license usage, and monthly totals for storage usage.

My VMware: View daily and monthly usage and associated cost per resource, as well as view billing statements. See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.


To view the Resource Usage tab and access billing information in My VMware, you must be a member of an administrative role for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See Role-based User Account Management for information.

Using Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you can choose several ways to view resource usage and access billing information.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Resource Usage Tab for vCloud Air
Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Resource Usage Tab
Ways to View Resource Usage in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand


To View...


A virtual data center

Aggregate usage data for all virtual machines deployed in the selected virtual data center and all public IP addresses allocated to the gateway for that virtual data center.

Select All to view aggregate usage data for all virtual machines deployed for your service. See Service Initialization and Home Page for information about how you can have more than one service for your account.


To view resource usage for a specific virtual machine, select the Virtual Machines tab > virtual machine link > Resource Usage tab.


Resource allocation

The amount of resources (vCPU, vRAM, and storage) allocated to virtual machines in a specific virtual data center versus the amount of capacity available for the virtual data center.

See Capacity for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand for information.


The resource allocation tile appears when you select a specific (not All) virtual data center.


Time range

Unbilled resource usage for different time periods.

By default, the Resource Usage tab displays usage for month-to-date. The number of days indicates the days since your last bill was calculated for a specific virtual data center or all virtual data centers.

Select different time periods (past hour, past 24 hours, or month-to-date) to get a clear picture of usage trends.



Resource usage for the virtual machines deployed in a specific location. See Geographical Locations for more information.


Each location contains a separate resource pool; you cannot treat two geographic locations as one logical pool of resources.


Billing and Payments

Your monthly billing statements in My VMware.

Access My VMware to export billing reports (.cvs and .xlsx) and view resource consumption versus cost graphs. Resource consumption graphs are useful to determine which virtual machines cost the most money per month.

In My VMware, you can manage your credit card profile and account information.

See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.


View detailed report

A Resource Usage Report, which provides billed usage as of the your last bill.

To view reports, select a month (Date Range drop-down menu) and a virtual data center (Scope drop-down menu). A report displays resource usage on a monthly basis to the virtual machine level.

Resource Usage Reports in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand are available after your first month of utilization.