VMware provides a public catalog that you can use to create virtual machines. Your organization also has its own catalog, My Catalog, that can contains your own customized templates and media. You use vCloud Director to manage the templates in your private My Catalog.

See Catalogs and Templates Overview for information.

You are a Virtual Infrastructure Administrator.


If necessary, click the expand icon (Expand Virtual Data Center Panel) to display the Virtual Data Centers pane.


Select any virtual data center in the pane and right-click.


From the pop-up menu, select Manage Catalogs in vCloud Director.

You are automatically logged into vCloud Director and the My Catalog page appears.


Complete any of the following tasks in vCloud Director to manage your private catalog:

Add a new catalog and share a catalog

Add a vApp template to My Cloud

Upload an OVF package as a vApp template

Save a vApp as a vApp template

Copy a vApp template from a public catalog to an your private catalog

Upload media files and copy media files to a catalog