If you do not want to create a virtual machine based on a template in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you can create an original virtual machine in vCloud Director. You must first create a new vApp.


Navigate to the location where you want to create the virtual machine:

Service: From the Home page, select the service where you want to create the virtual machine.


Perform this step only if you have more than one service for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See Service Initialization and Home Page for information.

Location: From the drop-down menu above the tabs, select the location where you want to create the virtual machine.

Virtual Data Center: If necessary, click the expand icon (Expand Virtual Data Center Panel) to display the Virtual Data Centers pane and select the virtual data center where you want to create the virtual machine.

A virtual machine cannot span services, locations, or virtual data centers.


From the Virtual Machines tab, click New Virtual Machine.

The New Virtual Machine two-step wizard appears.


Click Create My Virtual Machine from Scratch.

You are taken directly to the vApp Quick Access page in vCloud Director.


Click the Build New vApp icon (vCloud Director Build vApp Icon) and follow the steps to configure the vApp and its virtual machines.

For information see Create a New vApp in the vCloud Director documentation.


When creating a vApp using the New vApp wizard (Configure Resources step) in vCloud Director, you select a default storage policy (SSD-Accelerated, Standard, or both) for the vApp. However, this default storage policy does not impact the storage tier utilized by the new virtual machine in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. To allocate storage for the new virtual machine, see Adjust Virtual Machine Resources and Add a Disk to a Virtual Machine.

Manage your new virtual machine as required in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.