When creating a virtual machine by using the two-step New Virtual Machine wizard, by default one disk is added for the virtual machine. To add additional disks for a virtual machine, edit the virtual machines resources.

For information about the storage tier options for virtual machine disks, see Overview of Storage Tiers.

For information about the capacity maximums for virtual machines in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, see Capacity for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

You can hot-add storage to a powered on virtual machine in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand without having to re-provision the virtual machine. However, the following caveats apply:

Depending on the guest OS of the virtual machine, you might need to reboot the instance for the added storage to be recognized.

Some guest operating systems (such as Ubuntu templates) do not support hot-adding storage. When a guest OS does not support storage hot-add, the Edit Resources option is disabled for the powered on virtual machine. For these operating systems, power off the virtual machine before adjusting resources.

You have created the virtual machine for which you want to add a disk.

You have the required permission to manage the virtual machine. If you are a member of the End User role, you are the virtual machine owner or you are a Virtual Infrastructure Administrator. The owner of the virtual machine is the user who created the virtual machine or who was transferred ownership of the virtual machine.


Select the virtual machine for which you want to add a disk.


From the Actions menu, select Edit Resources.

The Edit Resources dialog appears.


Click Add another disk.

The dialog refreshes with a row for the additional disk.


Specify the storage tier and size.


Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand supports adding up to 8 disks (VMDKs) per virtual machine. If a virtual machine requires more than 8 disks, add disks by using vCloud Director. See Add a Virtual Machine Hard Disk in the vCloud Director User's Guide.


To delete a disk from the virtual machine, click the delete icon to the right of the hard disk you want to delete. Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand supports deleting only the last disk for a virtual machine. You can use vCloud Director to delete an intermediate disk for a virtual machine; however, after deleting the disk in vCloud Director, you cannot manage the disks in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.


Click Save.