After logging in, you land on Home page. Here you find tiles for your services registered with vCloud Air (formerly known as vCloud Hybrid Service).

Selecting Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand for the first time provisions your first virtual data center (with 2.6vGHz vCPUs), a gateway, and a routed network automatically. You can use the default configuration to gain immediate access to your public cloud and deploy your first virtual machine.

Service Initialization Home Page

As your public cloud environment grows and capacity needs increase, you can add instances of the service to your account.

Multiple Services in the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Service IDs appear in the Home page only when you have more than one service for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

See Create Your Account in vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud OnDemand Getting Started for information about registering for and purchasing services.

Your Home page provides a central location to access and manage the resources from different services.