When registering for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, a customer can access the following resources within a logically-isolated Virtual Private Cloud environment on the VMware multi-tenant infrastructure.



Storage (GB)

Allocated and burstable network bandwidth

Public IP addresses allocatable to virtual data centers

Selecting a Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand service for the first time provisions your first virtual data center (with 2.6vGHz vCPUs), a gateway, and routed network automatically. When you log into Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand the first time, the Web UI provides quick access to creating your first virtual machine.

Using Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you can create or import collections of virtual machines into your environment. You can add virtual data centers to your public cloud and allocate public IP addresses to those data centers. You can scale resources to your virtual machines on demand.

You pay for compute and memory resources allocated to your virtual machines only after they are powered on. You pay for only the amount of storage you allocate to your virtual machines. Resources are metered by the minute, and billed monthlyas fractions of hours, without requiring a long-term contract. See Data Collection Explained for information.

Start projects sooner because the usage-based billing for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand allows for lower, incremental operating expenses instead of higher, upfront capital expenses.

Avoid over-purchasing and underutilization of infrastructure resources with depreciating assets in your private cloud through access to on demand public cloud capacity.

Acquire self-service resources needed for testing new services or deploying against highly elastic business demands.

Operate across hybrid onsite and offsite infrastructure as you move workloads to production.

Replicate test environments in the public cloud that immediately meet production standards.

Transition workloads developed in self-procured environments into core IT infrastructure with no additional investment of time and effort.

Ensure site-to-site consistency and untethered workload portability by using a centrally managed resource pool.

Replicate network configuration and context between onsite and offsite clouds with a synchronized service catalog. (The Content Sync feature of vCloud Connector allows customers to synchronize the Catalog for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand with any existing vSphere folders or vCloud Director catalogs.)

Utilize pre-built logical templates, services, and application components to assemble application blueprints. (Using the same templates across different clouds ensures greater simplicity of processes between onsite and offsite cloud infrastructures.)

Standardize on one platform for all applications. The broad operating system and application support, combined with the uniform performance across virtualized applications that VMware provides make it possible to standardize on one platform on-premises and off-premises. Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand supports the legacy applications you are running today as well as your future applications.