You can view information and edit details about virtual machines in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

The virtual machines you can view depends on your access role in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. An administrators can view all virtual machines for your account; while, an End User can view only the virtual machine which the user owns.

Verify that you have End User or Virtual Infrastructure Administrator privileges.


From the Home page, select the service for which you want to view virtual machines.


Perform this step only if you have more than one service for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See Service Initialization and Home Page for information.

The Virtual Machines tab appears.


If necessary, from the drop-down menu above the tabs, select the location for which you want to view virtual machines.

The virtual machines list refreshes for that location.


If necessary, click the expand icon (Expand Virtual Data Center Panel) to display the Virtual Data Centers pane and select the virtual data center for which you want to view virtual machines.

The virtual machines list refreshes for that virtual data center. The list provides the following information for each virtual machine:

Information in the Virtual Machines List


The virtual machine name (a label in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand) is distinct from the computer or host name, which is set in the guest operating system of the virtual machine and identifies it on a network.

The owner of the virtual machine is the user who created the virtual machine or who was transferred ownership of the virtual machine.

The number of vCPUs and amount of vRAM that a virtual machine supports depends on its virtual hardware version.

When you create a virtual machine by using Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand creates a vApp (named VM_name-VApp) and assigns the virtual machine to it. You can manage vApps only in vCloud Director. See vApp Overview for information.


To search for virtual machines, click in the search field and type the text to be searched for. You can perform a wildcard search using asterisks.


Click the virtual machine name to display the virtual machine settings, connected networks, and resource usage.

For information about changing virtual machine properties, adjusting resources, reassigning networks, or viewing resource consumption for the virtual machine, see the following topics:

Edit Virtual Machine Properties

Adjust Virtual Machine Resources

Add a Disk to a Virtual Machine

Change Network Assignments for a Virtual Machine