Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand for vCloud Air provides role-based access that controls which features and resources users can manage.

The roles are divided into five administrative roles and an End User role. The administrative roles and the End User role are mutually exclusive; meaning, you cannot be assigned the End User role and any administrative roles concurrently.

For information about the administrative roles see Role-based User Account Management.

As a member of the End User role, you have permission to perform the following tasks in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and vCloud Director:

Add virtual machines to the public cloud.

View and sort the list of virtual machines for which you are the owner.

You own a virtual machine when you created that virtual machine or an administrative user transferred ownership of that virtual machine to you.

Edit properties and settings in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and in vCloud Director, including power operations, for virtual machines you own.

Manage snapshots for the virtual machines you own.

View resource usage for the virtual machines you own.

Change your password for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

As an end user, you can select which location and virtual data center to view and the page refreshes to display the virtual machine you own in that location or virtual data center, respectively.

For a member of the End User role, Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand displays only the Virtual Machines tab:

End User Virtual Machines Tab

As an end user, you do not have access to the Gateways tab, global Networks tab, or the global Resource Usage tab (displays resource usage for all virtual machines in the account).

As an end user, you have access to a Networks tab for each virtual machine that you own:

End User Virtual Machine Network Tab Access