Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand for vCloud Air (formerly known as vCloud Hybrid Service) allows you to pay for only the resources you use on a per-minute, metered basis.

Selecting the Resource Usage tab provides you access to usage data for all resources deployed in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. You can view usage data for specified time periods to get a clear picture of usage trends:

Resource Usage Tab in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Clicking View detailed report allows you to view usage data for past months:

Detailed Resource Usage Report

For information about resource usage in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, see View Resource Usage.

Access the Tools menu in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand to accomplish the following tasks:

Tools Menu Options


Tools Menu in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

User Name & Sign Out

Clicking Sign Out returns you to the log in page for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.


Allows Account Administrators to manage users for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

For information, see Role-based User Account Management.


For information about billing and service credits, see About Resource Billing.

For information about Buying Offline Data Transfer Service, see Installing vCloud Connector for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

Help & Support

Select Help to go to the online documentation center for vCloud Air, which includes the documentation for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand and other service offerings for vCloud Air.

Select File a Service Request to open My VMware and manage your service requests. See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.

For information about accessing support and filing service requests, see vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Getting Started.