Network virtualization in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand provides the ability to extend your virtual machines in your private cloud to the VMware public cloud.

The following VMware products and solutions work together to provide the network virtualization and features in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

VMware Products and Solutions Providing Networking Functions in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand
VMware Products and Solutions Providing Networking

vSphere is the foundation on which Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is built. On top of vSphere, Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN), part of VMware vCloud Networking and Security, provides the functions necessary to implement a flexible virtual network in the data center. VXLAN—dynamic and encapsulated—provides the ability to deploy networks in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand rather than requiring complex VLAN architectures. VXLAN technology allows compute resources to be pooled across non-contiguous clusters and segmented into logical networks attached to applications. VXLAN allows for full encapsulation at Layer 2, providing network security. Also part of vCloud Networking and Security, the gateway virtual appliance enables networking services, such as the firewall, NAT, load balancer, and a VPN endpoint.

The Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Web UI is the primary portal for managing gateways and networks. Additionally, you can use vCloud Director to manage your gateways and networks at a more detailed level. The Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Web UI provides single sign-on access to vCloud Director.

Gateways and networks in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand are subject to the following capacity limitations:



Maximum gateways/Virtual Data Center


Routed Networks/Gateway


Isolated Networks/Gateway


Networks/Virtual Data Center


Virtual NICs/Virtual Data Center


Network Objects/Virtual Data Center


Public IP Addresses/Virtual Data Center


Public IP Addresses/Customer


When you reach your capacity and resource limits, file a support request. Log into My VMware to file support requests for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

See Account Support in vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud OnDemand Getting Started for information.

See also the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.