You can view a list of the gateways in your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand service. You can configure details to make workloads available on the Internet.

Verify that you have network administrator privileges.

Verify that you are familiar with gateway configuration. See Managing Edge Gateways in the vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide.


If necessary, click the expand icon (Expand Virtual Data Centers Pane Icon) to display the Virtual Data Centers pane.


Select the virtual data center to which the gateway belongs.


Click the Gateways tab.

Details about the gateway appear, including the gateway IP address, configuration, VMware High Availability settings, number of networks configured for the gateway, and any public IP addresses allocated to the gateway.


To view and adjust the gateway configuration, click the gateway tile.

The gateway details appear.


View and configure the gateway:



NAT Rules tab

View SNAT or DNAT details. Disable, enable, or delete rules. Click Add One to add an SNAT or DNAT rule. For SNAT, configure source and enabled status. For DNAT, configure external IP, protocol and range details, and enabled status.

Firewall Rules tab

View or add firewall rules to allow or deny types of incoming traffic.

Networks tab

View details about the gateway’s network, such as name, type, default IP address, number of connected virtual machines, public IP addresses, and IP range.

Public IPs tab

View whether IP addresses are available or allocated.


To configure gateway services or edit gateway details, click Manage Gateway in vCloud Director.

Using vCloud Director, you can configure DHCP, load balancing, DNS, and static routing for the gateway, or manage settings such as compact configuration, high availability, and rate limits.

See About Networking Services for Gateways for a list of gateway configuration adjustments you can make using the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Web UI or vCloud Director.