Allocate public IP addresses to a gateway only when you create virtual machines that need to be accessible through the Internet; for example, you want to assign a public IP address to Web server. When you allocate public IP addresses, they are reserved for that gateway.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand offers resource pool-based pay-as-you-go service, which includes charges for public IP addresses allocated for your gateways. Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand monitors your gateways to determine when you allocate or de-allocate public IP addresses to them. You are charged for those public IP addresses only while they are in use.

You can allocate up to 5 public IP addresses per gateway and up to 20 public IP addresses across all gateways in your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand environment.

If you require more than 20 public IP addresses, file a support request. Log into My VMware to file support requests for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. See the My VMware Help (My VMware Get Help Icon) for information.

Verify that you have network administrator privileges.


If necessary, click the expand icon (Expand Virtual Data Centers Pane Icon) to display the Virtual Data Centers pane.


Select the virtual data center that contains the gateway to which you want to allocate the public IP address.


Click the Gateways tab.

Details about the gateway appear, including any public IP addresses allocated to the gateway.


Click Add IP Address.

A dialog box appears indicating charges apply when adding a public IP address to a gateway.


Click Add.

A notification appears at the top of the page indicating the public IP address is allocated to the gateway.

See Change Network Assignments for a Virtual Machine for information about assigning a public IP address to a virtual machine.