Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand networking replicates traditional network technologies and design. Networking in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is based on the software-defined networking (SDN) technologies used by VMware products, including VMware vSphere, VXLAN, vCloud Networking and Security, and vCloud Director.


When you created your first virtual machine, a Virtual Data Center named "VDC1" was automatically created and a routed network and gateway were added.


Click the Gateways tab to view the default gateway.


You can add NAT rules for the gateway only after adding a public IP address.


If the gateway cannot route external traffic to virtual machines on the internal interface, you can create a NAT rule to route this traffic. Click the Gateway tile to configure NAT rules.


Once the NAT rule is successfully added, you can disable, edit, or delete it.


Check the firewall rules to determine if Internet traffic is allowed to the virtual machines on this network. If it is blocked, create a rule to allow Internet traffic. Click Add Firewall Rule to add a Firewall Rule.


You can also add more IP addresses. Allocating public IP addresses is limited to routed networks.


Click Add Network to add networks (routed or isolated).


You can also add and manage gateways and networks in the vCloud Director portal by clicking Manage in vCloud Director.


For information about configuring networks and gateways, see vCloud Air - Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Networking Guide.