You can register online and sign-up for a Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account by using a valid credit card.

Ensure you have a valid email address.


If you are a new user interested in the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand service, go to


Click Sign up Now.

A short questionnaire that helps VMware better assess your needs appears.


Enter the required information and click Submit.

You will receive an email (at the email address you provided during sign up) from VMware with further instructions. The email provides a link and temporary password to create an account for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. Clicking the link displays the first step of the sign-up process; specifically, 1 Login / Create Account:

Create Your Account


Complete the first step in setting up your account in one of the following ways:

If you already have a My VMware account, enter your email address and password, and click Log In.

If you do not have a My VMware account, enter your email address and a password (and verify both), and click Create an Account.

The second step of the sign-up process appears; specifically, 2 Enter Account & Billing Info.


Enter your credit card and billing information.


Select the level of Support (pricing varies):

Online support - 24/7 Email only support

Production support - 24/7 Phone and Email support


You can also change the support level later by signing in to your My VMware account and going to Manage Service > Change Support Level.


Click Complete Sign-Up.

After VMware validates and approves your account information, a confirmation page appears. You will receive an email from VMware that includes the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand URL and your account activation instructions.


To finalize your account, click the link provided in the email, set your password, click the “I accept” checkbox, and click Continue. The vCloud Air page appears. Click Submit to accept. You can read the details by clicking the Terms of Service text.

The VMware vCloud Air Sign in page appears.


Enter your user name (the email address you entered during the sign-up process) and the password you created.

The Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Web user interface (UI) appears.


For subsequent logins, go to and log in using your user name and password.

Existing Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand EAP users will also be redirected to the new URL.


All new users receive a $300 promotional credit, which is available for use until it is exhausted or until five months from the sign-up date, whichever occurs first. The credit received by the EAP users during the EAP program is available for use until it is exhausted or until General Availability (GA), whichever occurs first.