The CPU and Memory resources allocated to your virtual machines are metered on a per-minute basis when powered on, and storage on a per-minute basis from the time of allocation to a virtual machine. The Public IP addresses are metered per-minute upon initial allocation to Gateways.

The Resource Usage tab displays the aggregated resource usage for a particular virtual data center. You can choose to view resources used in the Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, or Month-to-date. You can access the detailed report by clicking "View detailed report". This detailed report displays the resource breakdown on a monthly basis right down to the virtual machine level. These are updated on an hourly basis.

After you have created additional virtual data centers, you can see the resource usage for all the virtual data centers.


If you need additional resources to be available for a virtual data center, contact VMware support and VMware will make the required changes.


For more granular pricing details, go to Tools > Billing and Payments.


The My VMware page opens. Go to the My VMware All Services page and click on your Service Name to see your Subscription Service Details as well as the associated costs.

My VMware - All Services


From here you can Manage your Service, for example issue a service cancellation, change the service owner, change the support level, edit the payment method, see the usage spend notification for which you can set to receive an email when usage has reached a certain dollar threshold, and see current and past statements.


The lower portion shows the current costing and usage (you can see usage on the left and dollar value on the right ). The carousel rotates every 10 seconds and you can select a specific resource to see the usage and the cost associated.


You can also go back and see past consumption for a particular resource. You can toggle between past years and can also download your billing statement.


For more information on pricing, see the Pricing Calculator.