The way that you connect your premises to a vCloud Air data center by using Direct Connect can vary depending on your requirements and goals.

Connection partners

For information about which connection partners have point-of-presence (POP) in the vCloud Air data centers where Direct Connect is available, contact a vCloud Air SE Specialist or VMware Support. Your ability to contract a service provider that does not have a POP in a vCloud Air data center depends on their capabilities. To work with such a provider, the provider must be able to deliver a network-to-network interface (NNI) to the network service providers (or telecommunications carriers that have a POP in the vCloud Air data center.

For the list of all NSPs for Direct Connect, see Dedicated Connectivity – Direct Connect.

Network hardware

To inquire about using your network equipment located in a colocation cage at a vCloud Air data center, contact a vCloud Air SE Specialist or your VMware sales representative.

Redundant Direct Connect connections


Customers who have a Dedicated Cloud service can set up redundancy for their direct network connection by ordering two or more SKUs from My VMware. Ordering two or more connections allows you to have redundant connections from the same gateway for vCloud Air to your premises or colocation center.

To provide redundancy, order multiple Direct Connect connections of the same or different speeds to terminate at the same gateway or different gateways; however, you cannot use one Direct Connect connection to terminate at multiple virtual data centers or gateways.

Connecting to multiple vCloud Air offerings

Using one, shared Direct Connect connection to connect from on-premises to multiple vCloud Air offerings (namely, Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)) is not supported.

To connect multiple vCloud Air offerings, order a cross connection for each of your vCloud Air environments and configure static routing between them. See Order Direct Connect to vCloud Air and Direct Connect Service Overview for information.

Dynamic routing

Direct Connect supports dynamic routing (for example with OSPF and BGP) for network traffic between on-premises and vCloud Air and between vCloud Air instances.


Configuring dynamic routing with Direct Connect is supported only when you have a vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud subscription service.

Direct Connect is not supported for the following implementations:

Ethernet over copper (EoC) connections

Direct connect does not support your network service provider delivering an EoC connection from your premises to the vCloud Air data center. A Direct Connect connection requires single-mode fiber with a Lucent Connector (LC).

VLAN trunks and subnets

Direct Connect does not support VLAN trunks or multiple subnets. A Direct Connect connection supports one subnet or VLAN.

Public IP address porting

vCloud Air does not support using your own public IP address space with Direct Connect.