Order a direct network connection by using My VMware to specify the connection options you require.

You order Direct Connect as an add-on SKU to your current Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud subscription. The length of your Direct Connect subscription co-terms with your current subscription; for example, if you have ordered a 12 month Dedicated Cloud subscription and you have 6 months remaining for your subscription, your Direct Connect order will remain in effect for the remaining 6 months.

You are billed for your Direct Connect subscription monthly and Direct Connect monthly charges do not include the costs or charges from your network service provider providing the connection from your customer equipment to the vCloud Air data center location. The monthly port connection fee from VMware includes the data center cross connect fee; although additional circuit fees can vary by NSP.


Customers who have the Dedicated Cloud service can set up redundancy for their direct network connection by ordering two or more SKUs from My VMware. Ordering two or more connections allows you to have redundant connections from the same gateway for vCloud Air to your premises or colocation center.

To provide redundancy, order multiple Direct Connect connections of the same or different speeds to terminate at the same gateway or different gateways; however, you cannot use one Direct Connect connection to terminate at multiple virtual data centers or gateways.

Before ordering Direct Connect, you must meet the following prerequisites:

You have the Account Administrator privilege in vCloud Air.

You have determined the vCloud Air location to connect to using Direct Connect.

You have selected a connection partner who has a presence in the vCloud Air data center for which you want to connect.


You have the option to choose a Direct Connect with Cross Connect connection or a Direct Connect for Network Exchange connection.

Your connection partner has completed their portion of the connection from your customer cage or customer premises to the connection partner's terminating device in the data center. See Connection Components for Direct Connect to vCloud Air for a description of the connection between your customer equipment and the connection partner's terminating device.


Log into your My VMware portal with your email address or customer number for your My VMware account and enter your password.


Log into vCloud Air with your email address and password. From the Dashboard, click Purchase More Resources under Related Links.

Your My VMware portal appears.


Navigate to the Subscription Services.


From the Available Add-ons tab, select the Direct Connect SKU for the connection you require.

Direct Connect SKUs are available for combinations of the following options:

Location of the vCloud Air data center where Direct Connect is available

Your type of vCloud Air service—Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud

For Dedicated Cloud service, a choice of a 10Gbps port or a 1Gbps port


Direct Connect for Virtual Private Cloud subscriptions are configurable with 1Gbps port speeds only.


Click Buy Now.

The Add-on Request Order page appears.


Agree to the terms and conditions of the order and click Submit Request.

A confirmation message appears indicating that your order was submitted successfully and displays your Request ID number.

Within 24-48 hours, you receive an email confirmation of your order. Your vCloud Air portal indicates that you have ordered a direct network connection from your premises to vCloud Air but the connection has not provisioned in vCloud Air.

After VMware processes your order, your vCloud Air Customer Success Team provides a Letter of Authorization – Customer Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) form for your connection set up. Deliver the LOA-CFA form from VMware to your connection partner. Your connection partner requires the LOA-CFA form to establish the connection from their equipment to the vCloud Air switch. The LOA-CFA provides the cabinet, patch panel, and port number of the vCloud Air equipment to connect your customer circuit.