Before you can use the Metric API to retrieve vCloud Air metrics, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Are subscribed to a vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud Subscription Service.

Have a vCloud Air user account that is assigned a role with permission to view virtual machine metrics or an administrative role with permission to manage networking for an edge gateway.

See User Privileges by Role in the vCloud Air User's Guide.

Have configured DNS resolution for or

Have opened port 443 (HTTP) for outbound communication from vCloud Air to your interactive client.

To retrieve metrics for an edge gateway, have upgraded the edge gateway to use Advanced Networking Services.


You can verify that an edge gateway is upgraded by checking the gateway query results for the following element:

<EdgeGatewayRecord advancedNetworkingEnabled="true" ... "/>

See Query the vCloud API for IDs for the information about querying vCloud Director for gateway details.