There are different types of IdP solutions available. You may configure your IdP based on the type your organization uses.

These steps are specific to vCloud Air.


Get the vCloud Air Org SP metadata (highlighted in green in the below screen).


Add vCloud Air Org as SP to your IdP. In your corporate IdP solution, register your vCloud Air environment by using SP metadata from https://<vCloudAir Org URL>/saml/metadata/alias/vcd.


To ensure that your IdP returns the NameID field to identify user and groups attribute in the SAML assertion, configure your IdP to send the following attributes in SAML token to the vCloud Air Org:

NameID in EmailAddress format to uniquely identify the user, and

Groups attribute for vCloud Air to assign the required role.

Based on your IdP solution, configure claim rules for user email address and groups to be sent in the SAML token.