Hybrid Cloud Manager version 2.0, update 2 includes feature changes and enhancements.

A Cloud Gateway with the 2.0u2 configuration consumes resources more efficiently, resulting in improved throughput and load balancing. It can automatically configure and manage up to three processes within the tunnel to the registered endpoint. The number of processes depends on load, and the processes are transitory. The ability to manage multiple processes is effective in a fleet configuration where the Cloud Gateway fronts a high throughput Layer 2 concentrator.


The new configuration does not affect an existing gateway unless you redeploy the appliance.

If you are satisfied with the performance of your legacy Cloud Gateway, you do not have to do anything. The upgrade sends the new configuration to the legacy Gateway, but does not overwrite the current configuration or change the performance.

There is no automatic "conversion" process for an existing Cloud Gateway. You must remove the existing gateway, and use the same IP address to redeploy it.

The Egress Path configuration option has been removed. This option was only available with the legacy (standard throughput) appliances.


If you manually configured egress path optimization in a previous version, the existing configuration remains valid, provided you do not redeploy the appliance.

Previous versions limited the VM size to 4 TB. This restriction has been removed.


If you are considering moving VMs larger than 4 TB for the first time, contact VMware Global Support Services. We can help you evaluate your VM and your configuration.

Starting with version 2.0u2, each service virtual appliance has its own build number and version. Version information is visible in the user interface.

If you are not licensed for a feature, it is grayed out in the user interface.

The interface now shows more information while migrations are in progress.