This topic describes issues fixed in version 2.0, update 2.

In a fleet configuration, the appliances for the Layer 2 tunnel and the WAN Optimization appliance both use the Cloud Gateway appliance for network access. Previously, when the fleet was registered with more than one cloud, WAN optimization only worked for one of them. As of version 2.0u2, WAN optimization is supported when you register with multiple clouds.

Incorrect IP address issue has been resolved.

This behavior occurred if you disabled proximity routing, and proximity routing filtering remained enabled. Now, if you disable proximity routing, filtering is also disabled.

If the tunnel did not come up, the workaround was to restart the on-premises IPSec tunnel manually. A restart is no longer necessary.

Problem manifested as a hung task, without a proper error message. A race condition with the VCD adapter caused this problem.

Flow balancing code has been enhanced to address this issue.