Hybrid Cloud Manager version 2.0, update 1 included vMotion improvements and user interface upgrades.

As of version 2.0 update 1, cross-cloud vMotion is possible for virtual machines with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) enabled. CBT is a VMware feature that helps perform incremental backups. VMware Data Recovery uses this technology, which is also useful to backup and recovery software developers.

When CBT is enabled, Hybrid Cloud Manager automatically disables CBT and proceeds with the vMotion transfer. To enable CBT after the migration is complete, consult the following Knowledge Base article: Changed Block Tracking (CBT) on virtual machines (1020128).

The user interface has been re-designed to better support batch operations. Also, it includes visual tags to differentiate migration and network extension tasks and status. In the vSphere Web Client, select Hybrid Cloud Manager and view the Hybrid Services, Network Extensions, and VM Migration tabs to see the changes.

Hybrid Services

This tab condenses the tunnel information for each appliance connected to the cloud. Tags indicate the appliance type: Cloud Gateway and High Throughput Layer 2 Concentrator (with Proximity Routing ). Other tags show the number of extended networks , and whether a Layer 2 network is routed through the Cloud Gateway .

Network Extension

Stretched networks are tagged when Egress Path Optimization or Proximity Routing are enabled. If the network fails to stretch, you see and an error message in the Status column.

VM Migration

The VM migration tab has graphic indicators for the direction and type of the migration. While a migration is in flight, you can see the percentage of complete in the progress column.

Migration direction: to Data Center (reverse) , Cloud (forward).

Migration type: vSphere replication , vMotion transfer , cold migration .

Migration Cancellation

As of v2.0u1 you can cancel a vSphere Replication migration. As shown below, the Progress column indicates how the migration is progressing. If the migration appears to stall, clicking the down arrow exposes the Abort Migration option. When the migration is canceled, you see the tag.

Proximity Routing UI

When you are stretching a network through a high throughput Layer 2 concentrator, the Route column shows the Proximity Routing slider. By default, the feature is disabled: . Click the slider to enable Proximity Routing .