This topic describes issues fixed in version 2.0, update 3.

As of version v2.0u3, NAT is handled without losing connectivity.

An unplanned Layer 2 Concentrator reset was a rare occurrence, and v2.0u3 addresses the cause.

The memory link has been addressed. In some deployments, performance issues were noticed after a few weeks, but others ran for months before rebooting.

In version 2.0u3, replication-based migration from vCloud Air to vSphere succeeds.

A Layer 2 Concentrator was wired to a dvSwitch uplink using an enhanced LACP active/active configuration with two physical NICs. When the network was stretched, the trunk port group created for the L2C did not inherit the uplink's teaming policy.

To work around the problem, administrators had to edit the port group teaming policy manually so it matched the uplink's policy. Editing the teaming policy is no longer necessary.

You can now stretch VXLANs with unicast replication mode. In previous versions, you could only stretch a VXLAN if the replication mode was multicast.

As of v2.0u3, the Cloud Gateway distributes load over both Direct Connects.