This topic describes how to configure the Hybrid Cloud Gateway service virtual appliance.

Follow the steps in "Start the Hybrid Service Virtual Appliance" and check Hybrid Cloud Gateway. On the Hybrid Cloud Gateway page, provide the following values:


Network: The switch that connects the Hybrid Cloud Gateway management interface. In use cases 1 and 2, it can be a standard virtual switch or a virtual distributed switch. For any configuration using Layer 2 extension, it must be a virtual distributed switch.


Cluster/Host: Select the Cluster or Host in which you want to deploy the Cloud Gateway.


Datastore: Select the datastore in which you want to deploy the Cloud Gateway.


VM/Hostname: This value is optional.


Provide the IP address/CIDR, Default Gateway, and DNS server to use for the Cloud Gateway management interface.

To enter multiple addresses for the DNS server, separate them with commas.


Under Extended (optional), choose the vMotion network (if applicable), and set the admin and root passwords. These passwords are specifically for the Hybrid Cloud Gateway appliance. The user name and password do not have to match what you configured the Hybrid Cloud manager appliance.


Click Next.