The installation package is an OVA file containing the Hybrid Cloud Manager plug-in. You install and configure the Hybrid Cloud Manager management appliance, then use Hybrid Cloud Manager to configure the service appliance virtual machines.

Hybrid Cloud Manager provisions and sizes the service virtual appliances, as shown in Virtual Machine Resource Requirements.

Virtual Machine Resource Requirements

Virtual Machine



Disk 1

Disk 2


Hybrid Cloud Manager


12 GB

60 GB


Required management plug-in.

Hybrid Cloud Gateway


 3 GB

1.5 GB


Required. Note, the size of the gateway increased in v2.0.

Layer 2 Concentrator (L2C)


 8 GB

500 MB

2 GB

Optional for migration, required for stretched Layer 2, or migration over stretched Layer 2.

High Throughput L2C (HT L2C)


2 GB

1 GB

512 Mb

Required for vMotion. New in 2.0.

WAN Optimizer


14 GB

30 GB

70 GB


During the service virtual appliance deployment, you select an on-premises host or cluster to host the Cloud Gateway and Layer 2 Concentrator virtual machines. Hybrid Cloud Manager deploys the WAN Optimizer to the host that vSphere considers most suitable.

The Hybrid Cloud Manager plug-in is deployed on-premises only. It manages the service virtual appliances for the SD-WAN.

The Hybrid Cloud Gateway maintains a secure channel between vSphere and a vCloud Air.

The Network Extension Service extends a Layer 2 network from the on-premises vSphere data center to vCloud Air.

Hybrid Cloud Manager uses software-defined WAN Optimization.