To deploy the Hybrid Cloud Manager, you must have the proper number of IP addresses available both on-premises and in your target vCloud Air data center.

This topic addresses how to calculate the number you need.

vMotion Address

Maintaining a separate network for vMotion is a common practice in the on-premises data center. The Hybrid Cloud Gateway must have access to the vMotion network. If it does not, you need an extra IP address to communicate with the vMotion network.

On Premises

One IP address for the Hybrid Cloud Manager appliance.

One for each Hybrid Cloud Gateway, add one if there is a separate vMotion network.

One for each standard Layer 2 Concentrator, if not using the automatically assigned IP address.

One for each HT L2C.

vCloud Air

Two IP addresses per Hybrid Cloud Manager appliance connected to the vCloud Air virtual data center. The addresses can be used to connect to the Internet or one or more Direct Connect lines.

Add one if there is a separate vMotion network connection.

If your target virtual data center does not have enough available IP addresses, you can purchase more.


Log in to vCloud Air, and from the Dashboard tab, click the target vDC.


On the lower right, under Related Links, click “Purchase More Resources.”


When My VMware opens, click Purchase Add-ons and add more IP addresses to your service ID.

For more about IP addresses in vCloud Air, see Allocation of Public IP Addresses.