You can upgrade an existing Hybrid Cloud Manager installation. The upgrade occurs while the service virtual machines are running. Your previous networking capabilities remain the same.

The upgrade is performed on the on-premises Hybrid Cloud Manager service virtual machines. The corresponding virtual machines in the cloud are upgraded automatically. Before the upgrade, ensure that all service virtual machines are powered on.

Back up the Hybrid Cloud Manager service virtual appliance.

Log in to the Hybrid Cloud Manager Management Portal to perform the following tasks:

Take note of the current version and the build number on the top right side of the banner. Alternatively, click the Manage tab, and on the left under Settings, click Upgrade. This screen also shows the current software version and the upgrade state.

Go to the Home page and click Download Tech Support Log. It takes several seconds to collect the log information.

The log is a compressed archive (tar.gz).

In the Tech Support Log box, click the Download button, and specify the file location.


Go to and log in to your My VMware account to download the upgrade bundle.


Click the View & Download Products tab, and search for the Hybrid Cloud Manager upgrade bundle. The category is: Infrastructure as a Service > vCloud Air > Hybrid Cloud Manager."


Click the Download Now button.

The download is a tar.gz file whose name includes the version number and the build number (for example VMware-Hybridity-<name>-2.#.#-#######).


Do not unzip or extract the contents.


Log in to the Hybrid Cloud Manager Management Portal.


Click the Manage Settings button to open the Manage tab.


From the Settings category on the left, click Upgrade.


On the far right, click the Upgrade button.


In the Upgrade window, click Browse and choose the upgrade file you downloaded earlier.

Wait until the upgrade procedure completes (it can take several minutes). The Hybrid Cloud Manager login page appears.


Log in to the Hybrid Cloud Manager again and confirm that the version has changed, and the build number on the top right matches the upgrade bundle you installed.

The Hybrid Cloud Manager restarts.

If the upgrade is not successful, download the tech support log.

Open a ticket with VMware Global Support Services at: Include the logs you created before and after the installation attempt.