You might want to remove a service appliance if you change your mind about your installation architecture, or if you are preparing to uninstall Hybrid Cloud Manager.

Use the Hybrid Cloud Manager to administer appliances, as outlined in the following procedure.


Never delete virtual appliances from the vSphere inventory. Always use the management portal to interact with service virtual appliances.

Cancel or reset the execution time for any migrations that might occur during the uninstallation task.

Check the vSphere Web Client task console for any running migrations, and wait until they are complete.

Ensure that there are no active Hybrid Cloud Manager tasks of any type.


In the vSphere Web Client interface, select the Hybrid Cloud Manager plug-in from the left panel.


In the center pane, click the Hybrid Services tab. The center pane displays a list of the installed appliances.

Locate the Hybrid Cloud Gateway appliance and click the entry to display the details.


On the lower right, click the red X to remove the appliance.

If a stretched network does not share an IP address with the Hybrid Cloud Gateway, you must remove it separately. Expand the Network Extensions Service details, and click the red X icon to remove the Layer 2 Concentrator.

The Hybrid Cloud Gateway and any hybrid service virtual appliances that use the Hybrid Cloud Gateway are removed from both the vCenter and the vCloud Air vDC.