Before installing Hybrid Cloud Manager, verify that your environment can support the tasks you want to accomplish.

Virtual Center created with vSphere 5.5 Update 3 or 6.0 Update 2.

vMotion and policy migration features require NSX version 6.2.2 or higher.

A vSphere service account with the Administrator vCenter Server system role assigned to it. See

In the vCenter, enough disk space for Hybrid Cloud Manager and the associated service appliances you install, as stated in Table 1.

Sufficient IP addresses for the on-premises VMs provisioned during the installation. See IP Address Requirements for the minimum requirements for each configuration.

Ports and firewalls opened as required. See Port Access Requirements. You must know whether your single sign-on (SSO) service (the lookup service) is local to the current vCenter or in an external location.

If the SSO server is remote, you must identify the URL of the vCenter, external SSO Server, or Platform Services Controller (PSC) that runs the external lookup service. When you register the Hybrid Cloud Manager with the vCenter, you must supply this URL.

If a vCenter does not have its own internal instance of the lookup service, it might be for one of the following reasons:

vCenter 6.0u2 is running an external Platform Services Controller.

The vCenter is in linked mode (where the secondary vCenter uses the SSO service from the primary vCenter or an external SSO service).

vCloud® Air™ Dedicated Cloud subscription service account with the Account Administrator role. See User Privileges by Role.

Hybrid Cloud Manager add-on service. See You can buy the add-on with a purchase order, or you can use the VMware Subscription Purchasing program.

Purchasing the Hybrid Cloud Manager add-on service automatically opens a vCloud® Air™ operations ticket that upgrades your vCloud® Air™ Edge Gateway to enable Advanced Network Services (ANS). To install, your My VMware Account must report that the vCloud® Air™ Edge Gateway is the Advanced Network Services edition, and the Hybrid Cloud Manager add-on service status is “available”.

You must have a virtual data center with sufficient resources for the VMs you want to migrate. You must know the vDC name, and the IP address of the vCloud Air endpoint.

You must also know the vCloud Director API URL. You can find the URL in your vCloud® Air™ Dashboard, under “Virtual Data Center Details.”

When you want to connect more than ten stretched networks to a vCloud Air edge, you need Advanced Networking Services Premium with the sub interface feature enabled.