Associate the Hybrid Cloud Manager (on premises) with a vCloud® Air™ endpoint.

Follow these steps to obtain the ORG URL From vCloud® Air™.

To register, you must know the Org URL for the vCloud® Air™ virtual data center.

The account you use to register must be a service account with the vCloud® Air™ Account Administrator role.


Log in to vCloud® Air™ and click the My Subscriptions tile.


On the Dashboard tab, click the tile for the target virtual data center.


To the right, under Related Links, click the vCloud Director API URL link. A text box with the Org URL opens.


Copy the Org URL from the text box, and save it for the registration procedure.


Log in to the vSphere® Web Client. In the Home view, click Hybrid Cloud Manager in the listing on the left, or in the Inventories panel on the right.

The Hybrid Cloud Manager Getting Started page opens.


Under Basic tasks, click Register new Cloud.

The Register new Cloud window opens.


In the Cloud URL text box, enter the ORG URL you copied from vCloud® Air™, excluding the colon and the port number.

Fill in your vCloud® Air™ user name and password and click Register. The “Cloud registrations” section now displays the vCloud® Air™ endpoint.

When the registration is finished, the Hybrid Services and Extended Networks tabs display information on the migration and extension services.