This procedure extends a Layer 2 network from the on-premises data center to vCloud® Air™.

You can only stretch vLAN tagged port groups (other than vLAN type None, or vLAN ID 0). VXLANs are considered VLANs.

This process uses the “Extend Network” wizard. You must run the wizard from the vSphere® Web Client networking inventory view. Although the wizard is visible from other views, you must be in the inventory context to get the correct information.


Log in to the vSphere® Web Client. On the Home tab in the central pane, click the Networking icon in the Inventories list.


In the Networking hierarchy, identify the port group for the network you want to extend.


Right-click the port group, and from the context menu, select Hybridity Actions and select “Extend Network.”

The “Extend network to vCloud® Air™” wizard opens.


On the “Select source port groups” page, confirm the port group information and enter the Gateway IP address and prefix for the network. Click Next.


On the “Select destination gateway” page:


Select the vCloud® Air™ Organization from the Organization menu.


Select the vCloud® Air™ virtual data center from the menu.


Leave Proximity Routing disabled if you want a VM within vCloud® Air™ to use the on-premises gateway to access the Internet. By default, traffic originating from a VM in vCloud® Air™ traverses the Layer 2 data path back to the on-premises data center and out to the default gateway. If you check Proximity Routing, a VM within vCloud® Air™ can access the Internet without traversing the Layer 2 data path to vSphere. See Proximity Routing.


Select the remote destination gateway from the list of gateways (click the row). Click Next.


On the “Ready to complete” page, review all values provided. Click Finish.


To track the progress of the network extension, go to the Recent Tasks window, click the All tab, and ensure that you are viewing All Users’ Tasks. To open the Task Console, click More Tasks.

The network extension is done when the “Extend Network” task status is “Completed.”