If all service virtual appliances reside on the same host, certain situations might exhaust the host's resources.

In rare cases, the Hybrid Cloud Manager service virtual machines can exhaust a host's CPU and disk resources.

Some users have seen this issue when all virtual appliances were installed on one physical host. Given this configuration, performance degrades when the following things happen concurrently:

The network has high latency, or packet loss, or both. Migration or data transport is slow because you are using the public Internet or a busy network.

The WAN Optimizer is consuming bandwidth to encrypt and compress (or decrypt and uncompress) large workloads.

There is high application traffic between on-premises VMs and migrated VMs.

If you are running out of resources, contact VMware Global Support Services (GSS): https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/contact-vmware.

Before you change your data center configuration, communicate your requirements to GSS. They can work with you to reconfigure your environment with a minimum amount of downtime. Only GSS can reconcile changes in your on-premises data center and the vCloud Air virtual data center.