Register the Hybrid Cloud Manager plug-in in the vSphere® Web Client and start the Hybrid Cloud Manager management service.

The Hybrid Cloud Manager virtual appliance must be powered on before it can be registered.


Log in to Hybrid Cloud Manager service virtual appliance. See “Log in to the Hybrid Cloud Manager Management Portal.”


Click the Manage Settings tile.


In the left pane, under Configure Systems, select vCenter.


Click the Add vCenter button on the upper right.


Enter the IP address of the vCenter Server in the form https:\\<vCenter-host-name> or https:\\<vCenter-IP-address>.

For example, https:\\My-vCenter or https:\\


Enter the vCenter Server user name and password. The account you use must have the vCenter Administrator role.


Click OK. Do not restart when you see the "You need to restart the app" message. Proceed to Step step 3.

Restart application engine message


Configure the lookup service. See On Premises.


Click the Manage tab.


Click Lookup Service (on the left under Configure Systems).


Click the Edit button on the far right of the Lookup Service URL text box.


Enter the lookup service endpoint in the following form:

vCenter Server 5.5*: https://ssoip:/7444/lookupservice/sdk

vCenter Server 6.0u2: https://ssoip/lookupservice/sdk


Click OK. Do not restart when you see a message to restart the Web Engine. Proceed to Step step 4.


Click the Summary tab, and find the Hybridity Management Components section.

Stop and start both the application engine and the Web engine.


To finalize the registration, log out of the vSphere® Web Client. Log back in to verify that the screen update has occurred.

Notice the existing Hybrid Cloud icon and the Hybrid Cloud Services menu item on the left, as indicated in red the following screenshot. The Hybrid Cloud Manager registration updates these labels as shown in the following screenshot. In the inventory, Hybrid Cloud Services becomes Hybrid Cloud Manager, and the icon label also becomes Hybrid Cloud Manager.