In this configuration, a Layer 2 Concentrator path passes through the Hybrid Cloud Gateway and additional Layer 2 concentrators use separate encrypted channels.

Migration tasks are automatically routed through the Cloud Gateway. Other tasks, such as application communication, can be routed over Layer 2 Concentrators that form an alternate path. Layer 2 extension creates a separate encrypted channel that is typically used for a stretched network, or communication between virtual machines, for example, application traffic. The Layer 2 Concentrator can be either a standard appliance or the high throughput Layer 2 Concentrator.

Workloads passing through the cloud gateway benefit from WAN optimization and intelligent routing. Both Layer 2 concentrators create secure encrypted connections but without WAN optimization the speed is affected, in comparison to the Cloud Gateway. The lack of WAN optimization is less noticeable with small packets, or when the data path is already encrypted or on a private circuit.

Single Path Configuration With Alternate Path Layer 2 Concentrators