To use the Web UI for vCloud Air to manage the virtual machines you replicated to the cloud, you must have a user account in vCloud Air and be a member of an administrative role in vCloud Air.

A user in vCloud Air can either be an administrator or an end user. vCloud Air groups administrator privileges in to specific administrator roles. An account administrator can assign a user to one or more of the administrator roles.

Before assigning a user to an administrative role to access the Disaster Recovery service, you must meet the following prerequisites:

You have subscribed to the Disaster Recovery service and received the email explaining how to log into vCloud Air for the first time.

You are assigned to the Account Administrator role in vCloud Air so that you can assign users to roles.

You have created the user account to which you want to add Disaster Recovery permissions.

See Add Users in the vCloud Air User's Guide for information.


Click Tools > Users in the top right corner of vCloud Air.


Select the user for whom you want to grant permissions to the Disaster Recovery service.


You can assign any of the following roles to the user's account:

Choose this option:

To grant these permissions:

Account Administrator

Access to all resources, operations and user managementt - add users and reset passwords, and view virtual data centers, virtual machines, and activity logs

Virtual Infrastructure Administrator

Manage assigned virtual data centers, and replications and recovered virtual machines contained within

Network Administrator

Manage networks and gateways of assigned virtual data centers

Read-Only Administrator

View assigned virtual data centers, virtual machines, gateways, networks, activity logs, and users

End User

Manage virtual machines in the assigned virtual data centers


You can add a new user by clicking Add User, and View, Edit, or Reset Password of existing users.


From the More drop-down menu, you can Enable, Disable or Delete a user from the existing list.