Native failback of virtual machines that you have previously recovered in vCloud Air is available by using vSphere Replication.

After successfully recovering your replicated virtual machines in vCloud Air, you can failback those virtual machines. In the vSphere Replication, you can configure reverse replication, which repoints the replication of the virtual machines back to your on-premises vSphere environment. In the event of a disaster you would failover all your virtual machines from your on-premises data center to the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery cloud. Once you have restored on-premises data center, native failback provides you with the ability to restore your service from the cloud back to your on-premises data center.


To use native failback you must power-off the virtual machine before you copy it. You can start multiple copies simultaneously and run them in parallel.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery with Native Failback

For information about using vSphere Replication Web Client to configure replication to and from (reverse) the cloud, see Configuring Replication from Cloud in vSphere Replication 6.0 for Disaster Recovery to Cloud documentation.