Welcome to the documentation for vCloud AirDedicated Cloud and vCloud AirVirtual Private Cloud.

VMware provides subscription-based services that require resource commitments via the standard IT procurement process.

Dedicated Cloud provides a single tenant private cloud with dedicated computing servers, layer-2 network isolation for workload traffic, persistent storage volumes, and a dedicated cloud management instance. Infrastructure capacity can be allocated to a single virtual data center or multiple virtual data centers.

Virtual Private Cloud provides a multi-tenant virtual private cloud with logically isolated resources on a shared physical infrastructure, configured as a single virtual data center with networking resources. A customer cannot have multiple virtual data centers with a Virtual Private Cloud service because the Virtual Private Cloud service is provided as a single virtual data center.

See the following documentation to learn about Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud for vCloud Air:

See this documentation…

To learn about…

vCloud Air Key Concepts

Terms and concepts for vCloud Air and an overview of user roles.

vCloud Air User's Guide

The features of each service, how to set up your environment, and manage virtual machines deployed to the public could.

vCloud Air Storage User's Guide

How to use the vCloud Air block storage options to achieve performance goals and achieve cost efficiencies. This guide documents how to manage block storage when VMware has upgraded your vCloud Air environment to using the new Service Realm platform.

vCloud Air Networking Guide

The default network set up for Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud and how to configure gateways and networks.

vCloud Air Release Notes

What's new with vCloud Air and known issues and workarounds.