If you no longer need to replicate a virtual machine to the cloud, you can stop the replication permanently.

To stop a replication, both your on-premises data center (source site) and Dedicated Disaster Recovery should be online and connected.


On the vSphere Replication home page, click the Monitor tab and then click Outgoing Replications.


Right-click a replication and select Stop.

You can stop multiple replication tasks simultaneously only if they are replicated to the same virtual data center.


When you stop a replication, the virtual machine gets unconfigured for replication and vApp and virtual machine disks are deleted from Dedicated Disaster Recovery.


When you force stop replication, you remove the replication task only from the source site. All data that was stored on Dedicated Disaster Recovery during the replication remains on the target datastore, and the replication remains visible on the target site. You must manually delete the replication artifacts from Dedicated Disaster Recovery.


Click OK to confirm.

If force stop operation is performed on a virtual machine on source site, the replication status of the virtual machine in Dedicated Disaster Recovery will be in error state and you will have to remove the replication from the vCloud Air UI.